Break The Pain Loop

Being overweight has emotional and physical challenges that often create devastating loops.

Damaging your joint is one of those loops. The additional weight creates painful joints that make it harder to move and the less you move, the more weight you gain and movement makes your joints hurt even more.

Finding motions you can do without hurting your joints is necessary but that is only one piece of the puzzle. Time management and nutrition are other parts.

For a person with a busy schedule or a person who is suffering from low energy through most of the hours in the day, managing time is crucial. You need to take the most effective steps with the time and energy you have.

One easy approach, which is almost a no-brainer, is learning to juice. I emphasize learning because juicing is an art and science. There is more to juicing than dumping a bunch of veggies and watch them splatter in a container. There is also a lot of information available that can help you. One of the books I like is Guide To Juicing For Health. It connects many illnesses to recipes you can use.

You have many juicing machine selections as well. I like slow masticating juicers which give me most juice yield without damaging heat or foam that oxidizes your juice. Kuvings whole slow juicer is an example of this. It has a wide mouth that makes it possible for your to place whole foods in it without cutting. It saves prep time.

Common Joint Diseases and Injuries

Joint Disease

Many joint injuries and diseases are the consequences of very specific behavior patterns. Many of these behavior patterns are caused by lack of information in regards to the impact of nutrition on joints as well as harmful movement patterns.

Lack of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation nutrients in the diet and heel to toe running are two examples of nutrition and motion related patterns that could easily be corrected.

Diseases and injuries that impact the knees, the hip complex and shoulder complex are among the most common.